SEO-Pro Changes

One result of doing our job well means a new direction for this website.

It's been a long time since SEO-Pro has had the calendar space or spare resources to take on any brand new clients - so instead of disappointing potential customers inquiring about one of our SEO plans formerly advertised on this site, we've decided to remove them and let viewers know why.

In the meantime, we'll be working away with our current roster of long-term clients and continuing to take the time to build some of our own projects that have finally moved off the "to-do-one-day" list.

And, of course, those of you that know us realise that we will be taking full advantage of the Austrian mountains that surround us. So even obscene amounts of money (and we're deadly serious here) won't tempt us into adding to our client roster.

While the mountain trolls are beavering away in the background on setting up this new version, we've added the most popular article off our old site. Now about four years old, we think in those days it was one of the first mentions for Google Stalking and Google Dating.

For those that were following a link or were looking for it: Google - Five Uses That Larry Page Never Dreamed Of

And if you were looking for up-to-date and well-written articles about web marketing and other aspects of running a business in this internet age, then you could do a lot worse than visit the blog run by our friend over at Hungry Piranha.